What A Problem!

It had been twelve years since her mother had been pronounced as ‘diabetic’ and she had been taking drugs to control her blood sugar since then. But, mother exercised practically no control on her sugar intake. She loved to eat mangoes and leechi’s. Over the years the problem had worsened. During her last visit to her doctor, an Endocrinologist, she had been asked to take Insulin injections as the tablets were not competent to look after her condition anymore. Mother had walked out of the Doctor’s room in a huff. Now, she sat with her mother in front of the doctor, while he updated her file history. Again he insisted that since there was absolutely no Insulin being produced by her body, she needed to start taking an injectable dose of it twice a day. She said, “Doctor, to take the injections will be a big problem. I do not want to start them, please find another way out.”

The Doctor looked at her straight in the eye and said, “Maam, the way you are proceeding is absolutely suicidal. You are lucky, your problem has a solution! But if you do not want the solution, no one can help you”. After much persuasion, thankfully, her mother gave in and from the next day she started the injectable Insulin therapy.

But, the doctor’s words still rang loud and clear in her mind. “You are lucky your problem has a solution!” How fortunate we are that there are solutions to our problems, however large they may appear to be. There are people suffering from terminal diseases for which there are no cures. Loved ones die and leave behind broken hearts – there is seemingly no solution. The dead can not be brought back. Yet we never count our blessings. Next time you have a problem, ask yourself, ‘Is there any, possible solution to it?’ If you get ‘Yes’ for an answer, consider yourself blessed and Thank God for holding you in the Palm of His Hand, and inflicting on you only that amount of pain, which He knows you can bear. Then you will emerge stronger after having passed His test of strength and devotion.