When God Gives

Once a boy went to a shop with his mother. The shop keeper looked at the small cute child and showed him a jar with sweets and said, “Dear child, you can take the sweets.”

But the child didn’t take. The shopkeeper was surprised: He is such a small child and why is he not taking the sweets from the jar?

Again he told the child to take the sweets. Now the mother also heard that and said, “Take the sweets dear.” Yet he didn’t take.

The shopkeeper seeing the child not taking the sweets, he himself took a handful of sweets and gave them to the child. The child was happy to get two hands full of sweets.

While returning home the mother asked the child, “Why didn’t you take the sweets when the shop keeper told you to take?”

The child replied, “Mom, my hands are very small, and if I take the sweets, I can only take few. But, now you see when uncle gave with his big hand, how many more sweets I got?”

When we take we may get little; but when God, the Almighty gives, He gives us far beyond our expectations, more than what we can hold!