Which Did God Believe?

The family sat around the dining table. The father offered a prayer, “Grateful are we to Thee, O Lord, of having sent us this delicious food. It comes to us as Thy Prasadam. So bless us that the energy we get out of it may be spent in Thy service, in the service of Thy holy ones and in the service of the poor, the forsaken and the forlorn. Blessed be Thy Name!”

When the food was passed around, the father’s complaints were frequent. He grumbled about the poor quality of food and said that it was insipid, tasteless. He was not happy.

His young daughter, a child of five, said to him, “Daddy, is it true that God hears all we say and sees all we do?”

“Of course, yes, my child.” Then God must have heard your prayer,” said the little girl.

“Of course, yes!”

“And He must also have heard your complaints?”

“Of Course, yes!”

“Then tell me, Daddy, which did God believe?” asked the innocent child.

The father did not answer. It was obvious that he realized his inconsistency.

Do our words and actions conform to our prayers?