Who Is The Master?

Entering into ‘Vanprastha Ashram’ at the age of 75, a King having no heir, said, that he would not coronate any of his nephews as ‘king’ yet. But he threw open his coffers of wealth for all, to take away whatever they desired. Jewellery, Royal finery, Gold and silverware were laid at the disposal of all and sundry. People looted to their heart’s content.

All but one called ‘Nivesh’, carried away cartloads of wealth. Nivesh set out in search of the one who had put so much at the disposal of the people. After much searching, he found the king hiding in the dark corner of a cave. Nivesh asked, ‘Oh King! Why have you done all this?’ And the king said, ‘How else, could I have singled out the only subject of my kingdom, who is intelligent and caring enough to look for the director of this drama. You are the only one who has tried to find the master behind this mega-show? Now that you have found me, I would prefer to think that I have found you. You shall rule my kingdom. You shall be the King!”

God also hides and watches the drama of life. He too waits for the one who sets out in search of Him. He who reaches Him is enveloped into His divine love and is never left wanting.