Whom Do You Love The Most?

“I have a number of dolls,” said the little girl to a guest. “Would you like to see them?” “Sure I would!”

The girl ran and brought a number of dolls. Some of them were very cute. One was a Barbie Doll.

“Which one do you love the most?” asked the guest. He felt certain the girl would point to the Barbie doll.

Imagine his surprise when the girl picked up a ragged doll which had scratches on its cheek, a broken nose and a missing arm.

“How so?” enquired the visitor. “I thought you would love the Barbie Doll the most.”

The little girl answered, “If I don’t I love this doll, no one else will!” The little child taught a great lesson. God loves the unloved ones- the poor, the broken, the miserable, the wretched, the forsaken, the forlorn, the lowly and the lost!.

Let us learn to love likewise, and we too, shall grow Godlike!