Why Pray?

Why Pray?

A youngster rang the doorbell to his Uncle’s house. He was asked to wait in the lobby because his Uncle was in the Prayer room. The young boy could get a glimpse of his Uncle’s back through the open door of the Prayer room. It was a rather long wait. As he sat waiting, the boy thought, “Uncle has got all a man could pray for, why could he be praying for so long? What could he possibly be asking for, from God? He’s been in the prayer room for more than half an hour. He has a luxurious bungalow, a wonderful wife and two extraordinarily intelligent children, what more does he need? His business is doing well, he is earning fabulously well…..he is in good health too…… now what could he want?”

His thoughts continued to draw circles in his head. All of a sudden he noticed that Uncle was coming out of the prayer hall. As soon as the elderly man caught sight of his nephew, he swiftly wiped his eyes. But the youngster was quick to notice the tears that had already been shed.

He greeted his Uncle and asked,
“Uncle, are you well?”
“Yes, I’m fine, how about you, son?”
“I’m well Uncle. How is the family?
“By God’s grace, all are fine.”
“How about work?”
“Doing well son, but tell me, what brings you here? Anything I can do for you?”
“ … Uncle, I don’t mean to intrude into your privacy, but what took you so long in the Prayer-room? Is there any problem?”
“No son. I was just thanking God, for all the benevolence He has showered upon me and my family.”
“And the tears?” asked the boy, in disbelief.
“Oh! I was just overwhelmed!”

We all shed tears for some reason or the other, but if our eyes get moistened for the love of God, that is only because we have been able to establish a connection, even if it is for a split second. When His love flows in abundance it sends a shudder through us and leaves us radiating with emotion. It is like a mountain spring that flows without reason. Unless you can establish a communion with God, of what use is Prayer?

How many of us think that it is important to thank the Lord for His blessings? Most of us remember Him only in troubled times. If only we were to remember Him in happy times, there would be no troubled times!
Here is what Baba has to say on this, “When you repeat the Name without feeling, it seldom reaches the mark. The Name of the Lord must be recited with awe and wonder, humility and reverence. The bow has to be drawn full before the arrow is released; then it will pierce the target. Feeling is the force that draws the strings taut and makes the Name reach the Named, the bearer of the Name.”