Why Today?

Why Today?

Aprangi was on her way to work. Despite it being early morning, she was terribly late for work. The streets were strewn with autumn leaves. There had been a slight drizzle in the night. Some of the drains were water logged and puddles of water were inconveniencing the pedestrians. But work is work and the clock was ticking fast. Aprangi walked as fast as she could, trying her best to avoid the slush and the muck on the road.

Oops! In the haste, her foot slipped on a rotting leaf and she fell on the road. Her hands were bruised and dirty. Her knees were obviously bleeding, going by the torn salwar and the fast spreading blood stain. Slowly she got up. Thankfully there were no bones broken. But she cursed under her breath. “Why today, of all days when I’m already late.” Her suit was all soiled by the muddy water; she couldn’t possibly go to work in this State. Her boss’s angry and haughty face flashed before her mind and she cringed in discomfort. With a lot of effort she limped to the next crossing and managed to get an autorikshaw guy to stop, “10, Kishan Road,” she said.

Once in the auto, she opened her purse, to get her cell phone out and call her office to inform that she would be late. The cell was missing and she realized that she had left it at home, “Why today, of all days . . .” she cursed. Hurriedly, she entered home. She was surprised to see the maid servant, giving a syrup to her five month old baby boy. The bottle was in the maid’s hand and the baby had just finished licking the sweet cherry flavoured concoction. She grabbed the bottle from the maid. The ground slipped from under her feet as she read the label to realize that it was a strong sedative. A rapid fire of questions revealed that the maid had been sedating the child for over a month. The baby was blissfully in deep sleep.

Aprangi realized why the baby boy had been so playful all night for the past month or so. He had obviously been sleeping all day. So he would refuse to sleep at night.

With tears in her eyes she tucked the baby into bed. As the blood from her bruised palms stained the sheet, she remembered why she had come home in the first place. She then cleaned her wounds, bandaged them and put on fresh clothes.

Aprangi remembered what she had said a short while back, “Why today, of all days!” Then it dawned on her, if she had not fallen and hurt herself, she would not have come back home. If she had not come home at that inopportune moment, she would not have caught the maid doing what she was!

Sometimes, maybe you just need to fall down! Sometimes, maybe you just need to get hurt! Sometimes, may be that is the only way for God to make you see things that you are otherwise blind too!

Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens by the will of God. Sometimes; or rather most of the times; we wonder why things are going wrong. Trust in God, He has His own ways.