Wisdom & Wealth

One day Wisdom and Wealth had a verbal duel about who was more important. Wealth professed that without it, there would be no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no books to read and learn by and thus wisdom wouldn’t come by anyways!

Wisdom said that without it, any amount of wealth was of no consequence because man would not be able to know how to use or earn wealth. Also, a fool and his money are soon parted!

The battle of words continued for long but no one seemed to be willing to give in. To settle the scores, the soul had to intervene.

The soul said, “Both of you are equally important. Wealth without wisdom turns out to be an instrument of exploitation and wastage. Wisdom without wealth leads to just building castles in the air. It’s just a roll of blueprints. Use makes both wisdom and wealth worthwhile. Misuse makes them both disastrous. The touchstone is whether you are using these for the benefit of others! Wealth and wisdom are like a flowing river. If they continue to flow, the water shall be clear and fresh. If they are made to stand, they start stinking. Overflow causes flooding. Too little causes a draught. Just enough is just right! You have to find the optimum levels for yourself !”