Truly speaking possession of wealth is hardly a matter of pride. It’s worth is surprisingly negligible when judged in long-term basis!

“Please, tell me Badshah, how much is the total value of all your wealth and possessions?” asked Abu Shakik to Harun Al Rashid of Iran, who was notorious for his pride and arrogance of his vast Empire and unlimited wealth.

The Badshah was perplexed at the strange question of Abu Shakik – a great Muslim Sufi Saint.

“Why do you inquire about it, O Sufi?”

“Please listen, Harun! Suppose you are in the great desert of Sahara and you are terribly thirsty. So much so, that you feel that within a moment you would die. And suppose at that time if somebody offers you a glass of water, what will you give him?”

“Halft OF my Kingdom!” replied Harun Al Rashid.

“And suppose, O Badshah, you are mortally sick and there is no hope of your survival inspite of the efforts of all the great Hakims of the world; and if at that time someone comes with a small packet of medicinal powders to cure you completely, what will you give him?”

“Half of my Kingdom, O good saint!”

“Then Badshah, if your entire Empire is worth a glass of water and a small packet of medicine only, what is there to be so proud of it?”

The Badshah received the advice well and thanked him.