You Are Valuable

A lecturer was telling his students about self-esteem. Some pessimistic students refused to believe that they were loved or cared about. Suddenly he announced that he needed to take a break and asked the students to step out for a snack if they wished to.
“By the way,” he asked carelessly, “This Rs.100 note was lying on the floor, whose is it?” No body was a claimant. Then he asked, “Anyway, does any one want the note just for free?” Several hands went up. The teacher crumpled up the note into a ball and raised it up for all to see. He asked, “Now does any one want it?” Still many hands went up.

He proceeded to throw the note on the floor and stamped on it with his foot. Then he picked up the dirty note and said, “Still any taker?” A couple of hands shot up again. Then he said, “Many of you still want this note, despite its dirty and mutilated state. Why? Because you know that it can still buy you a good snack and more.”

He continued to say, “The people who really know a person decide his value. Your family and friends would love you, whatever you do or are.”

There are some people in the world who love you .. come what may. Value their love; don’t just close your eyes to it.