Your Life Is Perfect

Your life is perfect. It is a perfect plan; it is a spontaneous miracle; it is both. Every moment Creation is perfect. How do birds know to migrate? How do maple leaves know to turn crimson and fall to the ground? Winter comes and you think you will never feel the sun again, but then you see the first green shoots of spring bursting through the snow. How does the flower survive? It is a miracle. The human body is a perfectly planned machine. How could our network of bones, veins, muscles, and organs ever have been created? You look into the eyes of a new born and you are speechless.

You have only to open your eyes for three seconds to observe the unfathomable Intelligence at play. And what about you and your life? Do you think this perfect Creator stops with you? We spend endless hours trying to figure out why this and why that. Do you ever wonder why trees give out oxygen? We don’t question that part of the plan. But when it comes to our own lives, we question constantly.

The mind tries to figure out that which cannot be understood. Trust in the plan of creation. Nature, who has brilliantly designed the creation down to the very atom, will spend no less attention on the details of your life. Your situations, your challenges, are all perfect. Relax, trust and let go.

God has plans for you, don’t plan for God.