You’Re Precious

Today was grandfather’s 70th birthday. Reva was on her way to wish him. She was wearing a ‘sphaghetti’ top with a mini skirt. It was barely six months since she had started working and she had bought a lovely walking stick to gift to grandpa. Reva belonged to a conservative family where ‘peek-a-boo’ clothes were definitely a no-no. But now since she was living in an apartment of her own and was earning a handsome salary, she felt she had the right to break all the rules and wear or do just what she pleased.

She pressed hard on the door bell and leaped into his arms. Grandpa was overjoyed to meet his precious girl. Reva blabbered on excitedly, about her new life, for she had so much to tell. Sometime later, Grandpa said, “Come little girl, come and sit in my lap.” As she perched herself prettily on his lap, his eyes narrowed to make a stern face and he said earnestly, “Reva my child, do you know that diamonds and gold are found hidden deep under the ground? You have to dig long and hard to reach them. Saffron which is the most precious of all spices is enclosed in the petals of the saffron flower, and is found only in remote areas of Kashmir. All precious things are hidden and hard to reach. Even pearls are found embedded in oyster shells.

You are my most precious possession. Your beautiful body is a gift to you from God. It is not to be exhibited for the roving eyes of all. Keep it covered and its value will be more. ‘Covered’ is always more elegant than ‘bare’. Do you think you are any less precious than diamonds or pearls? Your body is precious my child, learn to value it.” So saying, he draped a shawl over her shoulders, and hugged her close to his heart.

Its not being beautiful that counts, but being a beautiful person! Baba says, “Women are like fire. Men are like butter. What happens when butter is in the fire?”